And then, in case you missed it: Here’s a video of me cooking a turkey.

I tried out for the Butterball Hotline’s national Man-search a few weeks ago.

I was not selected.

But it wasn’t a complete, bummery loss. This video, lovingly produced by Michael Gabriele (with lovely theme music from Alana Grelyak and Sara Wolfson) is now available for you to use/enjoy/laugh at.

I hate being on camera, but spending a day filming and making turkey with Michael, Alana and Sara was a blast.

Hope you guys dig it. It’s a pretty foolproof method for your Thanksgiving turkey.


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  1. Beth Somers says:

    I love this video! You did great, the production is awesome (can I get your editor’s info?), and it’s entertaining as all get-out. I’m almost fully recovered from working the talk line. Almost ready to talk about the things I saw and the questions I got. Almost. I’ll share with you when I get there.

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