The83k, in the ROK: Asiana flight 235.

Kids. Free booze and seatback video are all very well and good – but bi bim bap at 30000 feet is pretty fricking sweet.

This flight has ruined me for all pretzel packs. For all time.

Bi bim bap is rice and sauteed vegetables, occasionally topped with some sort of protein, tossed together with red bean paste and an egg fried just enough to set the white. The yolk becomes the sauce. No griddle in the Asiana galley, but there was a little beef  – and there were soba noodles, topped with radish and scallion, served with a cold broth – a nice contrast. A small cup of fish soup and KIMCHI – this example of which, according to Pops, was most likely prepared according to a Busan recipe, which is known for a slightly saltier take on the ubiquitous Korean dish.

Did I mention that the wine was pretty good?

I was going to zonk out with the help of Johnnie Walker and a Malcolm Gladwell audiobook – but I think I’ll watch Sherlock Holmes and wait for breakfast. At this rate, expecting freshly baked bread and bacon waffles doesn’t seem unreasonable.


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